End to End Cloud Native Business Solutions

Retail | Field Service | Project | Worksite | Transportation | Fleet Telematics | Warehouse Commerce

  •  Omnichannel Retail with integrated E-Commerce - Gainz Retail
  •  Field Service and Work Order Management - Gainz Service
  •  Multi-Site Project Management - Gainz Project
  •  Worksite Personnel, Materials and Equipment Management - Gainz Worksite
  •  Transportation and Freight for Trucking, Courier and Intermodal - Routier TMS
  •  Freight Ops & Fleet Telematics - VelociTrak
  •  Warehouse Commerce, Inventory, Fulfillment & 3PL Logistics - InWaLog
  •  Employee Scheduling, Time & Attendance and Payroll - Gainz WorkClock

Our Unique Value Proposition

Our fully integrated solutions eliminate the complexity of maintaining multiple applications by consolidating the management of all data and operations into a single, unified, cloud native platform.

Industries We Serve

  • Engineering and Construction
  • Paving and Asphalt
  • Electrical and Lighting
  • Transportation and Logistics - Courier and Trucking
  • Boutique Retails
  • Home, Fashion and Lifestyle Merchandising

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Omnichannel Retail
with built-in E-Commerce

Field Service

Multi-site Project

Worksite Resources

TMS for
Trucking, Courier and Intermodal

Vehicle, Load, Location, Activity &
Fleet Telematics

Inventory, Fulfillment, Logistics &
Warehouse Commerce

Employee Scheduling, Time & Attendance &
Payroll Processing