Get to know Odata!

Get to know Odata

Device-Agnostic Agile Business Solutions

Odata is an innovative software company, offering NewGen SaaS for:

  • Retail and Wholesale Management - Gainz
  • Field Service Management - Faire
  • Freight and Transportation Management for Courier / Trucking - Routier

Based in Mississauga, Ontario, our vision is to play a pivotal role in contributing to software innovation by engineering agile, world-class business solutions that enrich businesses to maintain profitability, while swiftly adapting to evolving economic cycles.

Our Praxis Makes IT Perfect!

With our technology from the basics approach, we design and build cutting-edge and robust cloud solutions to synchronize business operations, across dispersed locations and devices, with real-time data.

We apply a balanced style towards innovation. Our cross-platform solutions are built on Microsoft .NET, C#, Xamarin, Azure SQL and Azure AppServices technologies, in combination with an enterprise N-tier architecture.

Our elegant framework creates a clear UI that makes it exceptionally easy for our clients to understand and use. Crafted with clean code, our solutions are standards-based and engineered to be interoperable with other applications through a secure, flexible, and scalable API.

Embolden With Odata

As we continue to ideate and move ahead with our tech creations, we invite you to connect with us to get to know how our inventive solutions can structure process optimization into your organization.


POS, Multi-channel
Retail and Wholesale

Field Service and
Work Order

Freight and Transportation
for Courier / Trucking LTL/FTL