Crank Up Your
Worksite Efficiency

Gainz Worksite

Manage Construction and Other Worksites Efficiently!

We created Gainz Worksite with rich and intelligent components to focus on improving the efficiency and deployment of Personnel, Inventory, Materials and Equipment, in a worksite.

Gainz Worksite eliminates the need for complex and tedious paperwork and provides real-time information on your worksite activities.

Worksite can be used as a Standalone App or integrated with Project Management Software.

Worksite Overview and
Real-time view of Active
Personnel, Drivers &
Scheduling and Realtime
Confirmation of Personnel
and Equipment for Sites
Exact GPS location of
Material Unloading
for QA Auditing
Trip Count and
Roundtrip Times Analysis
Real-time Load Quantity
and Count by Material
Minimize Resurfacing
and QA issues with
Pinpoint Accuracy
Site Personnel
Clock in/out and
Timesheet Approval
Intelligent, Automated
Equipment and Truck Location
Activity within Site
Automated Driver and
Contractor Payables
Manage Own and Contracted
Vehicles by Weight,
Capacity, No of Axels Etc.
Mobile App with
Full Functionality
for Onsite Management