Elevate Your
In-Store and On-Line

Gainz Retail

Confluence of Physical and Digital Commerce!

We designed Gainz Retail as an easy-to-use, Retail Business Solution for in-store and online shopping.

Gainz Retail eliminates the hassle of maintaining multiple software for:
POS - E-commerce - Accounting - Timesheet & Payroll

Let's show you how Gainz Retail can manage your business with a single, advanced, unified solution.

B2B and B2C Solution
for Retail
Integrated Omnichannel
Business Solution
In Store
Point Of Sale
and mPOS
Secure built-in
E-Commerce with
Payment Gateway
Website built with
Bootstrap 5 and ASP.NET
CRM and Digital
Marketing Tools
Real-time Order
and Inventory
and 3PL Fulfillment
HR & Payroll
Integrated Accounting
Cost-effective and Flexible
SaaS Model
Resilient Offline
Capability and Intelligent
Data Synchronization