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Ready to deploy, Gainz Retail Omnicommerce Business Solution eliminates the hassle of maintaining multiple applications by consolidating the management of all Physical and Digital (Phygital) Commerce operations into a single, unified platform.

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Edition Basic Standard Enterprise
Business Geo Location Canada, USA Canada, USA Canada, USA
Users, Devices & Locations
No of Users 2* 3* Custom
No of Devices per User 2 3 Custom
No of Locations 1 1* Custom
Fixed POS Devices 1 2* Custom
Tablet/Phone POS 2 3* Custom
Max Item SKUs 750* 2500* Unlimited
Max Sales Invoices 750/month* Unlimited Unlimited
Sales Order Basic Basic Plus Advanced
Sales Invoice
Payment Receipt
Back Order Basic Basic Advanced
Sales Returns Basic Basic Advanced
In-Store POS
POS Features Basic Basic Plus Advanced
Self-Serve Browse-n-Buy Kiosk - Add-on Add-on
Integrated Digital Signage - Add-on Add-on
E-Commerce & WebStore
Website with SSL Certificate Basic Basic Plus Advanced
Integrated E-Commerce Basic Basic Plus Advanced
Payment Receipt -
Integrated Messaging - + +
Advanced Search - Add-on Add-on
Advanced Recommend Engine - - Add-on
Payment Gateway
Unified Payment Gateway Basic Basic Plus Advanced
In-store Credit Card
In-store Debit Card
Online Credit Card
Purchase Order Basic Basic Plus Advanced
Purchase Indent / Reorder Basic Basic Advanced
Purchase Invoice Basic Basic Plus Advanced
Purchase Payments
Purchase Cost Allocation - -
Inventory Configuration Basic Basic Plus Advanced
Inventory Receipts Basic Basic Advanced
Inventory Adjustments
Min Qty Auto Reorder / Indent -
Inventory Cycle Count & Recon Basic Basic Plus Advanced
Inventory Transfer -
Inventory Transfer Indent - -
Multi-Bin Inventory -
Inventory Break-Bulk - -
Kitting & Bill of Materials - -
Associate Add-on for up-sell & cross-sell - -
Warehouse Operations
Sales Order Planning - Basic Advanced
Inventory Planning - Basic Advanced
Picking Basic Basic Plus Advanced
Packing - Basic Plus Advanced
Returns Management - Basic Advanced
Third Party Shipping Integration - Add-on Add-on
HRM, Scheduling & Payroll
Employment Details Management Basic Basic Plus Advanced
Time Clock - Basic Advanced
Digital Time Sheet - Basic Advanced
Scheduling / Shift Management - - Add-on
Time Sheet Approval - Add-on Add-on
Payroll Management - Add-on Add-on
Payroll Processing - Add-on Add-on
Digital Engagement
E-mail Subscription List
Omnichannel Sales Campaign Basic Basic Plus Advanced
E-mail Campaigns -
Omnichannel Discount Voucher -
Customizable SMS Campaigns - Add-on Add-on
Social Channels Engagement - Add-on Add-on
Integrated Loyalty Points - Add-on Add-on
WhatsApp Integration - Add-on Add-on
SEO Management Tools Integration - Add-on Add-on
Omnichannel Commerce
Marketplace/s Integration - Add-on Add-on
Communications & Messaging
E-mail Basic Basic Plus Advanced
Microsoft Teams Integration - Add-on Add-on
E-Comm Messaging Integration - Add-on Add-on
Unified Communications Integration - Add-on Add-on
Accounting & Finance
Integrated Accounting Basic Basic Plus Advanced
Franchise Configuration - - Custom
Digitize Documents & Receipts
Reporting & Analytics
Reporting Basic Basic Plus Advanced
Dashboard Basic Basic Plus Advanced
Advanced Analytics - - Add-on
Identity Integration
Azure AD Integration - Add-on Add-on
Business Resiliency
Robust Off-line Capability - Basic Advanced
Build Your Moat
Get your Business the Gainz Advantage
True Cross-Platform application
Run Native application on All Platforms
Hardware/Networking Support Add-on Add-on Add-on
Video Surveillance Add-on Add-on Add-on
Security & Access Control Add-on Add-on Add-on
Support & Customization
Onboarding $1000 Custom Custom
Customization - Add-on Add-on
Virtual Training sessions 2* 3* Custom
E-mail/Chat Support
Phone Support
Dedicated Account Manager - -
Concierge Service - -
* Additional Licenses Extra
+ Optional Customization Extra
Add-on Additional Licenses/Charges
Custom Customization Charges Extra
Basic Feature with Basic Functionalities
Basic Plus Feature with Basic Plus Functionalities
Advanced Feature with Advanced Functionalities