Our Style


Mastering the Art of Linking Technology and Innovation

With Telescopic Thinking and Astute Insight

Technology from the basics is our cornerstone style to meticulously design and build our software. Our framework is agile, secure, flexible and scalable.

Innovating with rich engineering tenets, our praxis is to specifically incorporate smart technologies - C#, .NET Core 3.x, ASP.NET MVC, TypeScript 3.x, UWP, Xamarin, MS SQL, Azure SQL, Cosmos DB, Azure Services, CSLA, REST API, SignalR, gRPC, Bootstrap 4, Azure IoT, Azure Sphere - to create digital ecosystems that ingeniously manage business operations in real time from a single focal point. Our sophisticated and intuitive business solutions adapt rapidly to shifting industry trends and empower businesses to stay competitive.

We invest a substantial amount of resources in R&D to iterate new technologies for security, performance, stability and scalability, by constantly evaluating our solutions alongside industry-standard architecture and other leading software providers.

Odata's Cloud Application Platform

Device-Agnostic Agile Cloud Technology

After relentless dedication to research and innovation, we have realized the essential core of our vision by creating our Cloud Application Platform framework for our flagship solutions:

Gainz - POS and Multi-Channel Retail with built-in E-Commerce

Faire - Field Service and Work Order Management

Routier - Freight and Transportation for Trucking LTL/FTL, Courier and Intermodal

  •  Intuitive and Responsive UI
  •  Easy to Deploy and Use
  •  N-tier and Extensible Architecture
  •  Standards-based Design
  •  Real-time Business Orchestration
  •  Granular Isolation of Data
  •  End-to-End Application
  •  Single Footprint Interaction
  •  Resilient Offline Capability
  •  Intelligent Data Synchronization

Our persistent zeal for software innovation compels us forward in our quest to create Our Style of ingenious solutions.

Fostering Partnerships with Integrity and Continuity

At Odata, we are always eager to share fresh streams of thought and ideate new features.

  •  We invest time and effort to recognize every client's unique business process from the basics
  •  We do our best to address, and simplify operational and management complexities
  •  We work hard at growing and enriching partnerships by offering our ingenious solutions to fulfill business objectives
  •  We provide comprehensive support, enhancements and continuous upgrades

As we move forward in close alliance with all our partners, Odata welcomes new opportunities for collaborative, futuristic innovation.